It’s A Topsy Turvy Life.

Nutmegs Story.

Nutmeg is a very special pony to us at Snelsmore.

Nutmeg’s dam was Winchcombe Blueberry, affectionately known to us all as Topsy. Topsy was kind and gentle, a great character but not a show pony – she shone outside of the ring for us. Sadly, she always struggled with sore feet so spent most of her life freely roaming around the yard getting in to everything, including the feed trolley if she could.

As time went by we almost gave up all hope of her having a foal at Snelsmore. Topsy had a difficult first foaling and we believed she may have suffered some internal damage making it unlikely to breed again. So instead, she became the Nannie to the youngsters and a best friend to all the local children who adored grooming and riding her. Topsy was quite the celebrity turning up at all the community barbecues ladened with excited children.

Then in 2010, she surprised us all; she was in-foal at last. A beautiful filly, Snelsmore Nutmeg, was born. It wasn’t an easy delivery, but she was alive and kicking. Topsy fell in-foal the following year too but sadly it wasn’t meant to be. This time, we lost Topsy and her unborn foal, one of the hardest nights here at the stud. We are lucky to have many highs, but they do not come without the lows, blood, sweat and all too many tears.

Luckily, Nutmeg has flourished in to a lovely show pony and now has a foal of her own. Fortunately, unlike her Mum she had a textbook birth, bringing into the world a gorgeous skewbald colt called Umper. The name means truly unconditional love, the kind that knows no boundaries and truly has no end in sight. We love all of our ponies, but some stand out and touch our hearts a little longer. Nutmeg is an amazing mum, just like Topsy, and we love that Umper is a beautiful testament to the naughty black pony that always had us smiling.